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One Monsoon in Mumbai

Perinchery, Anitha
One Monsoon in Mumbai: Indian Summer, #1

One Nerdy Hero, One Dashing Villain, One Interfering Auntie...
Life's complicated for Seema Rawat, cyberspy.
From the files of the Intelligence Bureau:
Name: Seema Rawat
Job: Child pickpocket-turned-cyberspy
Mission: Infiltrate the suspect's place of work and extract information from his computer.
Target: Adhith Verma, son of India's finance minister. Handsome, charming, well-dressed.
Threat: Vikram Joshi, suspect's boss and BFF, cybersecurity prodigy hot on the trail of the spy in their systems. Always says the wrong thing at the wrong time but has pecs and abs which can send Seema's hormones into a Bollywood group dance.
Complication: Seema's auntie who is determined to protect her virtue from both men.
Take the romance and comedy with the social commentary from There's Something About Sweetie by Sandhya Menon, add the comical suspense of Pink Panther, throw in a dash of Bollywood: you'll have One Monsoon in Mumbai.
Can't wait to meet Seema, Vikram, and Adhith? Purchase now to start reading!
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