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Poppy & Sam and the hunt for jam

"Hibernation is hard when a craving comes! Case in point: Sam suddenly wakes up his pal Poppy in the middle of their winter slumber with a hankering to make rosehip jam. Full of determination, Sam sets out into find his friends in the snowy forest, and they help him assemble the ingredients and supplies he needs -- but on his way home, Sam gets trapped in a winter storm! He finds shelter in a cave, only to discover someone else is already hibernating in there--a giant bear! It turns out the bear is also hungry for a mid-hibernation treat. Luckily, it is not craving miniature panda, and helps to get Sam back to Poppy and the safety of home -- and some tasty snacks at last!"--


by Cathon ; translated by Susan Ouriou.

Translation of: Mimose et Sam, la saison des collations.
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