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Poppy & Sam and the search for sleep

"Winter is coming, and Poppy and Sam's tiny garden neighbors are getting ready to hibernate. After stocking their pantries for the colder days ahead, Poppy and Sam settle in for a long winter's nap as well. But what is Poppy doing wrong? She can't sleep and nothing seems to work! Determined to hibernate like her friends, Poppy sets out with Sam to ask the other creatures for their deep-sleep secrets. But advice from the bees (snuggling into a honeycomb), a frog (a bedtime mug of fly milk), and the ants (quiet reading) don't help Poppy drift off to dreamland. Even's Sam's lullaby misses the mark, so the loyal panda pledges to stay awake all winter with his sleepless friend. As snowflakes fall, they encounter Simone, a mouse, who reveals that mice don't hibernate but stay active all winter. Delighted by the news, Poppy asks if she can spend the winter with the mice, reading comics and snacking on cake. Poppy and Sam settle in for the fun times ahead--and, exhausted by their quest, promptly drop off to sleep."

GN410L Lexile|||juvenile

by Cathon ; translated by Susan Ouriou.

A Junior Library Guild selection.
Target Readership: