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Promised land

Manning, Jason
"Legendary mountain man Hugh Falconer loved the high country, where he lived in splendid isolation. But when he has to save a wagon train of pioneers from slaughter at the hands of a half-breed killer and a marauding Pawnee war party, everything changes. The first blizzards of winter are sweeping down from the north as Falconer leads the people he has promised to protect-and a woman he can't help but want-into a secluded mountain valley to survive until spring. He thought it would be a safe haven. But he was wrong. A man had come before them, a man who ruled the valley as his own private kingdom-a mountain man whose prowess matches Falconer's own. Falconer has a choice to make: strike a devil's bargain or engage in a no-holds-barred fight with a man who is every bit his equal-if not better.--"--


Jason Manning.
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