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Texas bound

Manning, Jason

"They were men with nothing to live for--until they joined the fight for freedom. At a mission called the Alamo, Santa Anna's army wins a brutal victory--in a massacre that became a call to arms around the country. Brave men answered the call--Kentuckians and Cajuns, New Englanders and Tennesseans, all coming to the brawling land called Texas that was fighting for its independence from Mexico. Four men from Alabama, recruits in the volunteer Red Rovers, join the fight, too: Pierce Hammond, the cowardly son of a plantation owner; Mingo Green, a runaway slave yearning to be free; Boone Tasker, too poor to marry the woman he loves; and Gabe Cochran, a young widower with nothing left to live for. Four men who have lost everything and seek something to live for. And they will find it and fight for it, with honor, courage, and even their lives."--


Jason Manning.

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