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There was an old lady who swallowed a fly

Boi͡arskiĭ, Aleksandr
Musical Max: Max stops playing his instruments after everyone complains. But the peace and quiet is driving them crazy! Will Max ever be in the mood to play again?

Recommended for ages 3 to 8.|||juvenile

Scholastic ; Weston Woods ; Shark Film Corporation ; NZ on Air ; Gnome Productions ; executive producers, Alexander Boyarsky, Linda Lee, Adam Snyder, Morton Schindel, Shaun Bell.

Bonus features: Spanish version of Musical Max; Read along option available.

Narrators, Cyndi Lauper (There was an old lady who swallowed a fly), Mary Beth Hurt (Musical Max), Ray Henwood (Keeping House) ; voices for Antarctic antics: Diana Canova, Mae Robertson, Jennifer O-Mara, Kristen Hahn, Scotty Huff, Robert Reynolds, Kimberley Nygren, Raul Malo, Peggy Newman.

There was an old lady who swallowed a fly: music, Scotty Huff, Robert Reynolds ; editing and sound, Paul R. Gagne, Roman Smorodin, Vladimir Golounin, Steve Syarto ; editor, David Russell ; animation, Melnitsa. Antarctic antics: music, Robert Reynolds, Scotty Huff ; lead animation, Matt Ducharme ; animators, Noah Jones, Paul Downs ; editors, Keri Green, Matt Sullivan, Adem Bush, David Russell. Musical Max: music, Ernest V. Troost ; camera, Virginia Wilkos ; editing & sound, Peter Friedman, Paul Gagne, Jan Mack Northcutt ; animation, Virginia Wilkos, Ty Varszegi. Keeping house: animation director, Lily Dell ; animators, Stan Fong, Mark Saunders, Michael Drinkwater, Heath Gray, Martin Coombe ; music, Peter Haeder ; camera, Karen Downes. Waiting for wings: music, Crystal Taliefero ; animation and camera, Cha-Pow! Digital Colour, Kris Tercek, Ed Mironiuk ; editors, Paul R. Gagne, David Russell.


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