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Rainbow cookies, a rainbow cape, rainbow bracelets and Young Adult books were seen at the Macon County Public Library recently.  What do they have in common?  A proud group of LGBT Teens coming together for support and social activities.  Macon County Youth OUTright has been meeting at the library for the past few months.  Jennifer Harr,, from the Asheville Youth OUTright group, travels to Macon to meet with teens to talk about LGBT issues and to plan activities.

With National Pride Month coming up in June, we took the opportunity to talk with this group. We asked some of the teens:
  • What does this group do for you?
    We have support and feel more social with the group.      
  • How do you advertise this group to get more members?
    We put up flyers on the kiosk in the library and a few places around Franklin.      
  • How has the library helped you?
    We feel more accepted and have more friends at the library, and we’re excited to see LGBT Books on display. Jennifer Harr said, “Libraries, in the South, are one of the true places for diversity where kids can feel safe.”
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