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AAHC Black History Month 2022 Playlist


"Independent creators have been making noise in the music industry from North Carolina for decades. The Tarheel State is home to an eclectic mix of Black independent artists and musicians. From the mountains to the coast, this Spotify playlist features some up and coming and established Black indie artists in a variety of genres including R&B, hip hop, country, bluegrass, gospel, spoken word, jazz, and gospel.  We invite you to take a listen!"


Downloadable audio and ebooks on a variety of topics, including language learning, history, biography, classic literature, and more. Compatible with all popular e-readers that support apps. An app is available for download. Users will need to make a personal account to use this resource.

Credo Reference Popular

A premier virtual reference collection including encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, images, audio files, and videos in a wide expanse of subject areas.

Credo Online Reference is a great resource to help you start your research. Topic pages provide a great introduction. The "Mind Map" feature and book browsing features help you expand your research and find related key words.

Video Tutorials include: