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Have you ever wondered what kind of animals lurk in the woods near your house? Are you a hiker who yearns to know what prowls your trails when you’re not there? Do you like citizen science and learning about the creatures we share these beautiful mountains with? Then the Library has a treat for you!

North Carolina’s Candid Critters statewide camera trap project is a citizen science project brought to you by the NC Museum of Natural Sciences and the NC Wildlife Resources Commission. The project aims to document the abundance and distribution of North Carolina’s wildlife by engaging the public in placing camera traps and uploading and identifying animal photos. Each of our Library branches has trap camera kits available for checkout to project volunteers.

Volunteers are asked to complete a short and simple course in using the camera traps and uploading photos that are captured by the camera. Sign up info can be found at

Sign up now and find out what kind of wildlife comes by while you’re not looking. And don’t forget to bear proof your garbage! This little guy found the neighbor’s and made quite the mess. Just because you don’t see bears doesn’t mean they aren’t lurking nearby. Oh, and if you capture a photo of the elusive panther your neighbor swears they heard, be sure to let us know!