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Jackson County Public Library has partnered with Vaya Health to bring a mental health screening kiosk to the citizens of Jackson County. The goal of the kiosk is to increase awareness about common and treatable mental health conditions, to reduce stigma surrounding mental health and asking for help, and to increase access to quality care through local treatment referrals.

The kiosk, located on the second floor of the library, has a touch screen display to offer anonymous screenings of common mental health concerns, give feedback on results and provide referrals to treatment, including a direct line to connect users with the Vaya Health call center.

The kiosk includes screenings for six mental health issues: anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and alcohol and substance abuse disorders. Individuals are provided with an assessment of their mental health, information on whether their results are consistent with a mental health disorder, educational information about common mental health conditions and access to quality treatment resources in their area. The MindKare kiosk does not take any personal health information or ask patrons to identify themselves. However, individuals may pick up the phone at the kiosk and call directly to the Vaya Health call center to be linked to services and support. According to Vaya the kiosk “is not a diagnostic tool. It is only a recommendation for seeking support and help.”

Mental health was identified by community members as one of the top five priorities in the Fontana Regional Library Long Range Plan survey in 2016. One of the LRP objectives is to “Work with community agencies to inform the public about access to health and mental health care.” The kiosk will increase access for people in our community to get help for those common treatable mental health issues.

Vaya Health will have access to the number of users and demographics, which they hope will provide helpful data about mental health and substance use in Jackson County.

Western North Carolina residents can also take assessments online at