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  • All locations will be closed Monday, May 30th.

The Fontana Flyer is the quarterly newsletter for the Fontana Regional Library system.

This award winning publication provides information about services, events, and programs at all of the libraries in our system, as well as news developments that affect the interests of library users and the public.

Spring 2018 Newsletter

  • Family Science Night at MCPL
  • AED Training for Library Staff
  • Commissioner Joins Library Planning Team
  • MLK Day and Black History Month
  • FRL Board Retreat
  • National Volunteer Week
  • 7th Annual Chocolate Cook-Off
  • New Piano at JCPL
  • StudentAccess Project Adds Charter Schools
  • Health-Focused Library Programs
  • Local Realty Sponsoring Kanopy Region-Wide
  • Cardinal Catalog Moving to New Server
  • Advocating for Connectivity

Fontana Flyer Articles

  • StudentAccess Project Adds Charter Schools

    StudentAccess, the program launched this fall that allows all students in the county school systems  of Jackson, Macon, and Swain to have access to Fontana Regional Library materials through their student ID numbers, has recently been expanded.
  • Library Programs Help Create Healthy Communities

    The Jackson County Public Library has announced a new series of public programs to run through the summer called Mind and Body: Health, Nutrition, and You. These monthly presentations will focus on community health priorities and have been created in collaboration with local agencies and organizations. Topics include nutrition, diabetes prevention, PTSD, suicide prevention, addiction, dementia, and end-of-life care and planning.

    Winter Highlights:
  • Highlands Sotheby’s International Realty Sponsoring Kanopy Region-Wide

    FRL is delighted to announce that Wood and Jody Lovell, owners of Highlands Sotheby’s International Realty, have contributed a generous $10,000 to sponsor Kanopy film streaming service for all FRL card-holders. This type of sponsorship is a first for FRL, and a new venture for Highlands Sotheby’s as well.
  • State Library Moves Cardinal Catalog to New Server at end of February

    As of this writing, FRL is anticipating a significant upgrade to the underlying architecture of the shared NC Cardinal catalog. Previously maintained and hosted by Equinox, Inc., the catalog and patron database will be moving to servers hosted by MOBIUS, an arm of the Missouri State Library.
  • Advocating for Connectivity

    On February 20th the Jackson County Public Library hosted the 2nd in a series of region-wide broadband information sharing meetings.
    Because there are broadband developments happening in our region, the Fontana Regional Library is committed to having semi-annual public meetings that will help all to "stay on the same page.”
  • Dementia Workshop Series Coming to Macon County

    A campaign to tackle the stigma and lack of understanding around dementia is underway in Macon County with the support of area churches, the Southwestern Commission Area Agency on Aging, Macon County Public Library, Angel Medical, Macon County Senior Services, and  Macon County DSS.
  • Architect Presents Rendering of New Marianna Black Library

    On October 26th, Asheville based architect, Keith Hargrove, and Marianna Black Library Board Chair, Ellen Snodgrass presented to a series of renderings of a new library to the Swain County Commissioners.  The presentation began with Snodgrass running down a brief history and timeline of the new library project, including new information regarding a reduction in size to save on building costs and ongoing operational costs.  H
  • New TV at Nantahala Community Library

    In keeping with the Long Range Plan, the Library continually strives to provide the infrastructure and resources to provide excellent service and convenient access for the community.
    Through a generous contribution by the Macon County Public Library Friends, the Nantahala Community Library has been able to replace their TV. The funding provided
    for the purchase of a new 65 inch curved 4K UHD TV for the public to use in programs and activities at the community room.
  • Read Local Book Fair at Macon County Public Library

    On September 9th, 2017, Macon County Public Library held its 4th annual Read Local Book Fair.
    The big change over last year was moving the date from November to early September.  This was done to try and capture more of the “seasonal” population, as it was pointed out that most of this potential audience is gone in early November.
    Approximately 345 attended the fair (about 150 more than last year); we will probably continue with the earlier date, due to this increase. 
  • Notary Services

    Did you know that the Library offers Notary services in each of our counties? We currently have 9 Notaries on staff, with at least 1 Notary in most of our branches. We recognize that this is one of those services that no one thinks about until you need it. And when you need it, you really need it. So we are striving to have this service conveniently available to our patrons. The cherry on top of this hidden service sundae is that we provide this service completely free of charge. For more information on Notary services provided by the Library, call your local branch.